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Master's Thesis,

AVANTI is a communications, web and outsourced marketing agency for businesses. As a team, we work on many different projects.
As a graphic designer, motion designer and web integrator, during my 2-year of apprenticeship, I worked in collaboration with the creative and marketing teams.

All the following creations (videos, visuals, web mock-ups) were produced as part of my work-study program at the AVANTI agency.

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Com' Quoi, by AVANTI :

AVANTI also offers an SEO marketing service, so we decided to demonstrate our know-how and expertise by producing a series of videos on the subjects of communication and marketing.

Luna, one of the agency’s collaborators, was asked to present video capsules to popularize an article topic, available on the agency’s website. The aim was to broadcast the video on social networks and redirect the audience to the website to read the article.

Template for the intro jingle, from the Com’ Quoi video series.

Writing: Luna Fouet

Framing: Adrien Munch

Derush & Assembly: Adrien Munch

Graphic design: Théotime Caillé

Episode #1, Growth Marketing

L'Immomobile by AXO :

The mobile real estate agency. It’s an original concept from Rémy Merlhiot, AXO real estate agent.

AVANTI has been supporting the agency since its rebranding, and we also worked on the graphic development of the mobile agency project.

The graphic charter is based on that of the real estate agency, for optimum consistency.Rémy Merlhiot was keen to maintain his offbeat tone in his communications, and here are two examples of the projects we carried out for Immomobile.

We were asked to produce the 1-year video.

The footage was shot by an outside company.

I was inspired by the jingle from Antoine de Maximy’s TV show, “J’irais dormir chez vous”, to present the Immomobile’s journey across France and the different types of towns and villages.

For the first of April, we talked to Rémy Merlhiot about communicating this special day.
For the occasion, we created products derived from the Immomobile.

Like Playmobil toys and Action Man figurines, we’ve prepared a fun visual.

Ivoire France :

Ivoire France is the parent auction house of Groupe Ivoire.

Groupe Ivoire is an association of several auction houses throughout France.

AVANTI was in charge of social network communication and the creation of visuals at the request of each auction house.

On the occasion of their 20th anniversary, and the Journées Nationales de l’Expertise, the auction house asked us to produce a video looking back on the finest sales made in their 20 years of service.

LAB Services :

LAB Services, an event service provider, called on the agency to take care of their communications section. For my part, I worked on motion videos to communicate on the various social networks.

Description of their activities and identity, using the initials of their name and tagline.

LAB Services is a referenced service provider at the 24h of Le Mans.
For the centenary of the historic event, it’s an opportunity to present to their audience the various stands they have created in the course of their collaboration with the event.

ActeConseil :

ActeConseil, a notary firm with three sites in Angers, Bouchemaine and Les Ponts-de-Cé, asked us to produce and distribute videos on their social networks to redirect the audience to their website to read articles.

Here’s the video I worked on. Please note that it has been modified to comply with notary communication rules.

Article about drawing up a will.

Illustrations inspired by Maif advertisements to simplify a complex video.

Comat :

Comat is based in Montreuil-Juigné, a town near Angers, and is present throughout France.

A metal fabricator, Comat is a family-run group, which has established itself in every region of France, and offers façade cladding services, providing customers with a wide range of custom-bent metal.

I was fortunate enough to work with AVANTI to help them redesign their website. The aim of this site overhaul was to ensure a better presence and credibility on the Web.

The challenge of this mission was to condense and popularize technical information, visually and ergonomically, to enable search engines to reference the site, but also to make it easier for professionals to navigate on the site of their service provider, Comat.

We also adapted the company’s graphic charter, after modernizing it on the website.

Using the strong elements of the site, the buttons, the typography and, of course, the historic colors:

Here’s an example of a motion video created to be integrated into the e-mail signatures of all Comat employees in each center, to wish their customers a Merry Christmas, and announce the dates of plant closures.

Végétal Indoor :

Végétal Indoor is a company based in Anjou, France, specializing in plant-based interior design.

Végétal Indoor offers design objects that are 100% natural and made-to-measure.

A wide range of products are available on the site, from plant paintings and synthetic plants to personalized logo panels.

We redesigned their site, added a boutique function, and integrated a map of France to showcase monthly productions and projects in each region.

The difficulty lay mainly in the customer journey, organizing the different products on offer.

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